There is so much humor in this world that it isn’t funny. The aim of this blog is to produce “BREAKING TOONS “….Just like we have “BREAKING NEWS”…So the idea is to try and put out a post every day…. Being a public servant one has the unique advantage of being able to see the inside as well as the outside of the system….So happy viewing to all, even as I have a hilarious time sketching these toons for you…


9 responses to “About

  1. Anonymous

    Good stuff…the cartoons seem to stretch overmuch in the vertical – can you do something about that? Manner of upload or file dimensions. Theway

  2. Manoj Keshwar

    Great work saaa …

  3. Anonymous

    Why Guru Ji Ka Khalso Why Guruji Ki Fateh……cheers to a beginning….. for free advice see mail;-))

  4. Ajay G

    Great work, buddy! More power to your pen!

  5. rasam

    sir, amazing effort…and cheers to all the lovely toons…..keep it going

  6. K S Mathoda

    Whenever I want a fresh take on the happenings in India I come here. Keep up the good work!

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